Apple Lane: Save the Hamlet from Scurrilous Scoundrels (Runequest RPG)

Apple Lane: Save the Hamlet from Scurrilous Scoundrels (Runequest RPG)

ISBN: 0911605614

ISBN 13: 9780911605617

Author: Greg Stafford

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Apple Lane, Sartar. In a particularly vicious pre-dawn attack, the notorious bandit Whiteye and his trollkin hang raided several farms in the Apple Lane region... without warning or apparent cause. Whiteye has long been a nuisance to merchants, farmers and travellers-at-large. Despite previous attempts at his capture, the wiley bandit always has eluded Sheriff Dronlan's men, retreating to his secret hideout located among the numerous hills in the region. The sheriff, vowing "This time, that loathsome troll has gone too far," is assembling a posse and offers a sizeable reward for Whiteye's capture, dead or alive!

Apple Lane is a book of adventures for the RuneQuest roleplaying game. It contains two adventures (Gringle's Pawnshop and The Rainbow Mounds) written especially with the new RuneQuest gameplayer in mind, though sophisticated enough to enthral even the most experienced gamer. Apple Lane includes an 11x17" centre-stapled, pull-out floorplan of Gringle's and a pull-out digest of all necessary character and creature game statistics. Apple Lane is written for Standard Edition RuneQuest. All materials used from Deluxe Edition are reproduced in this book. Of course, Apple Lane can be used with Deluxe Edition RuneQuest.

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