Untitled (Fall Away Spin-Off #1)

Untitled (Fall Away Spin-Off #1)

Publication Date: 2019

Author: Penelope Douglas

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For readers of the Fall Away series, please look for the next generation series beginning in 2019.


1. Whose books will be in the next generation?

The books will tell the love stories of Hawke, Dylan, Quinn, Kade, Hunter, A.J., and James. There will be a total of six books. For a family tree reference, please visit---> http://bit.ly/2EwwdYx

2. What is the reading order of the original Fall Away series?

The reading order is Bully, Until You, Rival, Falling Away, Aflame, and Next to Never, all available now.

3. Whose book can we expect first in the spin-off series?

The series is outlined, and I have speculated on the order of the stories, but I won't know anything for sure until I start writing the books. I'll wait until there's a definite answer before I tell you what to expect.

4. When will the books release?

I hope that the first one will release in 2019. They are coming, but I also have other projects to finish up, so thank you for your patience as I slowly clear my schedule to start concentrating on these.

5. Are the Fall Away kids in any other books or bonus scenes available now?

Yep! The Fall Away kids first appear in the epilogue of Aflame and are quite prominent in Next to Never. There are also three bonus scenes--->

1. http://bit.ly/227Gm7O
2. http://bit.ly/2CWyHlP
3. http://bit.ly/2FouIwA

For any other questions, please message me here or on social media, and I will do my best to answer them. Hope you enjoy what's to come!

*Spin-off series will not be named Fall Away. New title coming.

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