Stood Up (The Family Jules, #3)

Stood Up (The Family Jules, #3)

Pages: 312

Author: Sean Ashcroft

3.98 of 502

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I want to build a home in your heart and live there. It's the only place I've ever wanted to be.

Riley Jules has been in love with Brent Morrison since they were fifteen years old. He always thought the day of Brent’s wedding would be bittersweet, but he couldn’t have predicted that Brent’s fiancée would leave him standing at the altar.

With his best friend hurting, all Riley can think of is how desperately he wants to comfort Brent--but then one thing leads to another, and before he knows it, they’re falling into bed together. It seems like a one-time thing, but…

Maybe Riley’s feelings aren’t so one-sided after all.

Brent’s had a lot go wrong in his life--his parents dying, being left to raise his little sister alone, and now being humiliated in front of all of Hope Springs--but maybe the one good thing he could have is Riley.

That is, if he could just get Riley to stay in one place for more than five minutes.

Can Riley and Brent grab hold of their moment and keep each other close?

Stood Up is the third and last Family Jules book, following Riley’s story. It can be read alone, has a HEA ending, and does not contain a cliffhanger. It does, however, contain: a dominatrix’s beach cabin, an RV full of Christmas lights, the entire Jules family, explicit sex scenes, two tubs of ice cream, and yet another dog.

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