The Diary of Sonny Ormrod DFC: Malta Fighter Ace

The Diary of Sonny Ormrod DFC: Malta Fighter Ace

ISBN: 178155529X

ISBN 13: 9781781555293

Publication Date: September 01, 2016

Publisher: Fonthill Media

Pages: 317

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Brian Cull, Frederick Galea

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Pilot Officer Oliver Ormrod, better known as 'Sonny' to his RAF compatriots due to his youthful appearance, was just four days past his twentieth birthday when he was killed in action after his Hurricane was shot down.

During his brief fighting career at Malta in February to April 1942, he was credited with only two enemy aircraft destroyed, although he shared in the destruction of three others. Ormrod also claimed three probables and at least six damaged. A total of a dozen successes at a time when the Hurricane was completely outclassed by Bf 109Fs of JG53, his bravery and valor were recognized by the award of a DFC.

Although extracts from Ormrod's diary have appeared in various publications over the years, the editors/authors now offer the complete story of his brief period of combat in the skies over Malta. He was one of many young lives lost in the effort to safeguard Malta and he was there when only Hurricanes were available to combat the Luftwaffe's onslaught. This is his story.

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