Death Angel

Death Angel

Publication Date: September 20, 2014

Publisher: Wattpad

Pages: 177

Author: Michael Limjoco

3.00 of 1

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When nineteen-year-old Vanessa Hunter falls to her death, she realizes her life as she knows it, is over.

But when Death strikes a bargain with her in exchange for her immortal soul, she takes the ultimate gamble and becomes a Death Angel: gifted with the powers of Death and responsible for finding and harvesting lost souls on earth.

Now Vanessa has to perform Death's dirty deeds, forced to deal with all sorts of unimaginable evils: Vampires, Demons from Hell, and Hedge Fund Managers. Not to mention this girl Rina, with special powers, who is absolutely obssessed with taking down the new Death Angel.

On top of all that, Vanessa still has to solve the riddle to her murder; a riddle that points back to her fiance, Daniel Ashcroft. Thrust into this strange new world, Vanessa finds her emotions in turmoil. She still loves Daniel with all her heart, but now finds herself strangely drawn to Death; a being who is at once mysterious, infuriating, and madly attractive.

Can Vanessa solve the riddle of her murder and find out if the man she's loved all along, was truly her lover? Or her greatest enemy?

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