The Witch's Kiss (Gaslight, #3)

The Witch's Kiss (Gaslight, #3)

ISBN: 1933720298

ISBN 13: 9781933720296

Publication Date: September 01, 2007

Publisher: P.D. Publishing, Inc.

Pages: 248

Format: Paperback

Author: Nene Adams

4.33 of 24

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July 1889 - Following the shocking events of The Madonna of the Sorrows, the relationship between Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her partner, Rhiannon Moore, is teetering on the edge of destruction. Upon receiving a summons to attend the reading of the will of a long-lost relative, Rhiannon is relieved to travel alone to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, leaving Evangeline behind. The island does not prove to be a peaceful retreat, however, when several attempts are made on Rhiannon's life. Meanwhile, a determined Evangeline finds herself struggling against her personal demons, and becoming embroiled in a case of murder at the female-only Britomart Club in London. Will the lovers be reconciled and reunited in time to save Rhiannon from the machinations of an invisible foe? Both women will be forced to fight for their lives against the evil that is... THE WITCH'S KISS.

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