Hive II

Hive II

Publisher: Trebor Books

Pages: 120

Format: ebook

Author: Griffin Hayes

3.93 of 39

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After her capture by the Hive Leader, Azina discovers that he isn't just another mindless Zee. He's got plans for her. Big ones. The kind Azina wants nothing to do with. But escaping the Hive Leader and dealing with her own infection aren't Azina's only problems.

Back in Sotercity, Prior Skuld has thrown Bron, Ret and Oleg behind bars and plans on executing them the following day. Skuld wants to cover his tracks. Turns out those discs Oleg salvaged from the decaying complex contained a frighteningly powerful piece of old world technology. One capable of ending the human race once and for all and it may have just fallen into the wrong hands.

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