Borrowed from the Devil

Borrowed from the Devil

ISBN: 1469974088

ISBN 13: 9781469974088

Publication Date: April 16, 2012

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 378

Format: Paperback

Author: Susan Blick

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From the first page, this story, based in the California beach town of Del Mar, moves with speed and intrigue, as Beverlee Smirnoff becomes innocently involved in the sordid business dealings of the mafia. Unexpectedly reunited with her former husband, Max, she sets out in a desperate search to find her missing best friend, Shari Carson. Shari's lawyer-husband represents a successful but corrupt auto dealer, who has borrowed millions from a mobster, securing the debt with his massive empire of car dealerships. As the debt goes unpaid, the syndicate seeks to collect from the unstable businessman, then pressures his attorney through threats of torture, kidnapping and blackmail. The mob pulls out all of its vicious stops and Beverlee and Max are thrust into a vortex of bitter revenge. Murder, deceit and mistaken identity continually capture the reader's attention, culminating in the breathtaking, surprise ending.

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