Foxfire 2

Foxfire 2

ISBN: 0385022670

ISBN 13: 9780385022675

Publication Date: May 22, 1973

Publisher: Anchor

Pages: 416

Format: Paperback

Authors: Eliot Wigginton, Foxfire Students

4.31 of 722

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This second volume celebrates the rites and customs of Appalachia, featuring sections on ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, corn shuckin's, spinning and weaving, midwives, granny women, old-time burial customs, witches and haints, and wagon making.

Table of Contents:
Maude Shope

Sourwood Honey

Spring Wild Plant Foods

Happy Dowdle
Making an Ox Yoke

Wagon Wheels and Wagons

Making a Tub Wheel
Making a Foot-powered Lathe
From Raising Sheep to Weaving Cloth

How to Wash Clothes in an Iron Pot

Anna Howard
Midwives and Granny Women

Old-time Burials
Boogers, Witches, and Haints
Corn Shuckin's, House Raisin's, Quiltin's, Pea Thrashin's, Singin's, Log Rollin's, Candy Pullin's, and...
Kenny Runion

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