Dragon Dawn (Devan Chronicles, #4)

Dragon Dawn (Devan Chronicles, #4)

Publication Date: September 01, 2007

Publisher: Impulse Books UK

Author: Mark E. Cooper

4.19 of 93

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The war rages on and General Navarien is advancing into Deva despite all the clans and Julia can do. King Gylaren must march north to oppose the invasion, but it takes time to muster the army, and there is no time.

With war in the north, and Japura now allied with Tindebrai, Gylaren sends his son and heir on a desperate mission to seek aid, but before he can march to join Julia, the unthinkable occurs and Fortress Malcor falls to the Hasian invaders.

Lord Jihan retreats to Waldenvale and Julia leads the remnants of the clans to ally with him, but Navarien has plans of his own and is not satisfied with controlling Deva's greatest fortress. Despite Julia's magic, despite the awsome fighting skills of the clan warriors, Jihan knows his defeat is inevitable. The best he can do is slow the Hasians down with the blood of his men, hoping by some miracle the King can reach him before its too late.

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