Lover: Portraits by 40 Great Artists

Lover: Portraits by 40 Great Artists

ISBN: 0711231087

ISBN 13: 9780711231085

Publication Date: January 01, 2011

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Pages: 96

Format: Hardcover

Author: Juliet Heslewood

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Juliet Heslewood, art historian and author of Mother: Portraits by 40 Great Artists, brings together a collection of portraits of artists' lovers, through history to the present day.

The evolution of such a portrait begins with a unique and intimate relationship. These lovers were important to the artists, each one making an appearance upon canvas or paper, in plaster or stone. Exploring notions of forbidden love, lover as muse, as spouse, as life-long friend, the author tells the stories behind each of the works featured, and what they tell us about the artist, their relationships and their place in history.

From Raphael, Rubens and Rossetti to Klimt and Hockney, over forty portraits make up this collection of artists' lovers. A fascinating combination of biographical anecdote and art history, it is also a celebration of relationships, partnership and love.

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