Bran's Story (The Slave Breakers, #1)

Bran's Story (The Slave Breakers, #1)

Publication Date: 2007

Publisher: LiveJournal

Pages: 188

Format: ebook

Authors: Maculategiraffe, Sabrina Deane

3.81 of 1,448

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Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverished peasants are legally permitted to sell their children into slavery starting at age 15. The upper class households in this world demonstrate their wealth by buying the best cars, largest houses and the most attractive people.

Bran is a "pleasure slave" and when he tries to run away one too many times, his master sells him to a married couple known as the "slave breakers". While in their possession, Bran learns new definitions for love, family and his place in this world.

Note: This book originally appeared as posts on LiveJournal and still contains some editing notes. The text is sexually explicit (including m/m and polyamorous situations) and is intended for adult readers.

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